2017 Hot Air Balooning over cultural triangle of Sri Lanka

balonsThe Hot Air Balloon festival is held in March and gives ballooning enthusiasts a chance to fly over the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Organized by the Ceylon Airship and Balloon Club, the balloon ride goes around Sigiriya, Hambanthota and Colombo. The slow pace of the balloon ride also offers a change from the fast pace of airplane or helicopter rides. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts is the uncertainty of exactly where the balloon will land. Nowadays, Hot Air Ballooning is safe as can be, with the balloon itself made of tear and heat-resistant material, and is installed with GPS, fire extinguishers and other contingency measures.


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Climbing Adam’s Peak

adams-peak-000865The pilgrimage season runs from Unduwap poya (December) to Wesak poya Festival (May), reaching its peak mid-season at Medin poya. The busiest period is during January to February. All of us ought to pace the ascent so that we could endure physical stress to avoid exhaustion. Warm clothes should be worn to avoid wind chill & catching cold at the summit after sweating it out during the climb. Approximately 20,000 people scale Adam’s Peak on weekends during the pilgrimage season. The three routes taken by the pilgrims who climb the Peak today are Ratnapura route, Kuruwita route and Hatton route.

We Sri Lanka Express can guide you to explore the beauty of Adam’s Peak (Sri Padaya).

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Nawam Perahera Festival

9-1-kandy-pereharaNawam Maha Perahera is similar to the famous Kandy Perahera festival and is held in Colombo. This colorful and exotic Sri Lankan festival comprises of almost 100 elephants, over 5,000 artistes with dancers, acrobats, drummers, torch bearers and more. The Nawam Maha Perahera is officially inaugurated when the sacred relics are paraded in a gilded casket placed on a majestic tusker, which is elegantly caparisoned and walks calmly amidst the hive of activity. The Sri Lanka festival tour includes other highlights of Sri Lanka with its myriad of attractions.


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Why Sri Lanka

Sun and Sandy Beaches, Culture, Nature, Wild Life and Adventure, your one stop destination, Sri Lanka is a country with huge attractions which are as yet undiscovered. A land rich in contrasts, where tradition rubs shoulders with modernity, leisure with culture, fun with calm – a land where many of your dreams can come true.

Sri Lanka is just a few hours flight time from most major hubs in Asia and the Middle East. Our National Carrier, Sri Lankan Airlines operates to over 25 Countries covering over 45 cities, using modern Airbus fleet.
• Easy visa procedure ONLINE.
• The modern Airport in Colombo / Duty Free shopping / Lounges
• Star Class accommodation and Modern Transportation
• Cuisine from Eastern to Western
Value for money
In Comparison with many other competing destinations, visitors have confirmed that visiting Sri Lanka is value for money


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