Nuwakot: A Farmhouse Experience

nuwakot-famous-farmNepal is an amazingly diverse country that offers everything for everyone. Kathmandu is a living museum of Nepali civilization and culture. Its towering pagodas with fascinating architecture and artistic workmanship along with former King’s palaces can easily win the heart of culture loving visitors.

This program gives you an insight into the well-preserved rural heritage and nature of Nepal. From the religious temples of Kathmandu to the pristine Pokhara Valley that boasts stunning views of the snowcapped Himalayas, the feel of wildlife in the lush jungles of Chitwan and unwinding in the rural freshness and rustic ambience of a farmhouse in Nuwakot.

Himalayan Delight

delight1Nepal is the land of beautiful temples, majestic mountains and pristine lakes. Also known as the roof of the world, this beautiful country offers the nature and luxury that you anticipate in this fascinating land.

Have breakfast among the majestic Himalayas with Everest as a backdrop and count on the enchanting charm of this perfect destination for your exclusive and memorable honeymoon. Gifted by nature, Nepal boasts with its ever towering beauty of Himalayas, undying cultural diversities, and unlimited romantic destinations. Unravel the ancient enigma and reweave yourselves more deeply into place through temples, food, architectures, markets and trails of this beautiful country.

Incentive in Nepal

nepalincent2The Himalayan region offers a unique scope for small group meetings and discussions that can be held in the mountains or the countryside. Various cultural programs and adventure activities depending on your interest can be organized in order to improve team work and build employee motivation while you get to visit our beautiful country and mingle with the local people. With luxurious breakfasts under snowcapped mountains to taking the three-wheeled eco-friendly rickshaw, our itinerary can be fully customized.

This itinerary is a blend of two beautiful cities that are very different to each other. From religious temples and museums in the bustling city of Kathmandu to the pristine Pokhara valley that boasts stunning views of the snowcapped Himalayas with a blend of fresh air, this itinerary is a pure delight.

Immersing in Bhutan

bhutanimm2Bhutan is also known as the Dragon Kingdom. Isolated from the outside influence for many centuries, it opened its doors to modern socio-economic development in the early 1960’s. Today, Bhutan has entered the 21st century as a unique nation known and has become a model for sustainable development by blending its unique traditions and culture with the forces of modernization. It is astounding that a country with a population of just over half a million speaks as many as nineteen different dialects and a few major languages.

This incentive program involves almost all kinds of activities within a span of a week. Here’s an opportunity to bond with each other in adventurous activities such as short day hikes as well as visit cultural and spiritual monasteries and museums. Various meetings and conferences can be organized here in a unique abode surrounded by nature.