Travelife Certificate to Tour Mongolia

During last ITB Berlin, Tour Mongolia was happy to receive Travelife certificate for international responsible tour operators.

Travelife is a leading training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to reach sustainability.

Operating your business in a socially and environmentally friendly manner makes good business sense! Both consumer and business demand for responsible products is growing and the public wants to know how you manage your business.

Companies ready to get to work towards sustainability will therefore score better on customer satisfaction, staff motivation and business efficiency with positive effects for their competitive advantage. Sustainability management is all about commitment and consistent sustainable business practices. This includes your products , how you monitor and manage your impacts, and how you support your suppliers on their road to sustainability.





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On the trail of the secret history


A great soul wanders through the whole steppe, a small contrast, revolves only around one’s body. In connection with the ancient history of the Mongols many hidden treasures have been found. You will discover a unique culture while visiting a Ger of nomad herders and there you will find the lifestyle of the ethnic Buryat
Places to visit: Ulaanbaatar – Khar Nuur Zurkhnii Khukh Lake – Jargalant Valley – Bereeven Monastery – Uglugch wall – Avarga Toson – Ikh Gazriin chuluu – Baga Gazriin chuluu – Zorgol Hairhan – Hustai National Park – Ulaanbaatar

Contrasts of Mongolia

baga-gazar-TourMongoliaThis trip offers many of the highlights of Mongolia. You will enjoy the legendary Gobi desert, first and biggest Mongolian Buddhist monastery Erdenezuu, extinct volcano Khorgo and crystal clear lake Khuvsgul in once travel.
Visiting archeological sites and meeting remote nomads are part of activities. Then you will be experienced with the real meaning of “the Land of Contrasts”.

Places to visit: Ulaanbaatar – Baga Gazriin Chuluu – Tsagaan Suvarga – Yol valley – Khongor sand dune – Bayanzag – Ongi temple ruin – Orkhon valley – Kharakhorum – Taikhar rock – Terkhiin Tsagaan lake – Khorgo volcano – Jargalant – Khuvsgul lake – Murun town – Moilt Ecolodge – Amarbayasgalant – Ulaanbaatar

On Horseback discovering the Taiga

milking-reindeer-300x225Few countries have such a strong historical link with the horses as Mongolia – the first domesticated horses are thought to have emerged on the Eurasian steppes between 4500 and 2000BCE. The Mongolian nomadic culture is only remaining horse-based culture in the world. Here horses and people depend on each other, so there is a mutual respect between them that runs deep and long in the civilization. The horse is still the main form of transport, especially for nomadic families, whose horses are methods of transport and status symbols. Nomadic people extremely proud of their horse riding skills and children begin riding as young as three years old. Mongolian horses possess remarkable working ability.

For carting, one horse, with a load of 450-500kg, can walk 50-60 km a day. During the grass-growing season, mares are milked 8-10 times a day, producing 0.5-1.0 liter of milk each time. Traditionally, Airag (koumiss), fermented mare’s milk is the famous drink of the nomads.

We offer great opportunities to those wishing to experience the riding in the country of nomads. A variety of rides is possible, from crossing mountain passes to pack-trips across the vast steppes that make up much of the country. You will have the chance to ride one of the oldest breeds of the horse, the indigenous Mongolian Pony, which is built for fortitude and endurance. Traditional Mongolian tack includes wooden saddles decorated with large silver studs, but most visitors will use more conventional English or Russian tack.

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