Openings in Munich

Announcing in 2018 :

– The opening of the Apassionata Show Palace Munich, offering a stage of 4200square meters, with room for 1790 visitors and a state of the art technology sound system. The audio visual system was especially created for the show palace and is a fantastic tool for conferences and meetings as the show palace can be booked from external parties.

– The opening of the Jochen Schweizer arena, an active fun and adventure location where guests can try to surf on a city wave or jump into a bodyflying suite and try indoor skydiving. Moreover, the location offers an outdoor area with a high rope course and a Flying Fox-Parcours, as well as an event and meeting area and a restaurant. The location offers a huge variety of possibilities and is able to host team building activities, company events, offsite-meetings and more.


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2018 : What’s new in Munich and Bavaria

In 2018, Bavaria will be celebrating two special anniversaries:

The 100-year existence of the Free State of Bavaria and the enactment of the Bavarian Constitution.   This two-part birthday will be celebrated in all parts of Bavaria with all Bavarian citizens.

The motto of the programme is WIR FEIERN BAYERN.  The whole of Bavaria is invited to celebrate, take part and help to shape the future of Bavaria. The anniversary year begins in autumn 2017 and lasts until the big 100 Years Free State celebration on 8 November 2018 in Munich. The festivities comprise three parts: the 2030 citizens` panel, BAVARIA, YOUR FUTURE, a variety of competitions and join-in activities as well as anniversary events throughout the state.


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Meetings and Conferences

meetings-and-conferences-960x430Get on-site insider tips for extraordinary meetings and conferences…

The better our customer brief, the accurate will be our proposal.
Once we know your requirements and expectations, you can safely leave the careful planning, on the spot organization and back-up to us. Our hands-on experience and team work with all necessary suppliers are your key to a smooth-running operation. Suitable venues for meetings and conferences from traditional hotel function rooms to more unusual locations – in cosmopolitan cities or in the countryside or mountains. Name your numbers – from 5 to ?? – we’ll do the rest

Motivation and team work… Incentive Ideas

WeichincentYour very own winter olympics or little Oktoberfest, perhaps, walking rally or local wine or beer tasting. Germany has a wide choice of incredible locations – from caves to mountains – settings that turn even the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Special Programs
Team- and outdoor activities
Cultural, sportive and historical events
Driver safety training
Golf tournament
Photography rally
Cooking lessons / demonstrations by famous chefs
River rafting
Firework show
Soccer tour
Theme parties
Royal dinners
Bavarian folklore evening (little Oktoberfest)
Gala dinners with opera singers / special entertainment
Wine and beer tastings in monasteries
Streetcar parties
Dinner cruises
Rustical dinner in mountain huts

Royal Services for Fits

WeichlfitWeichlein offer custom-designed choices, ones that fit your needs like a tailor-made suit of clothes.  Together we select the one which makes you look your best!

With over 59 years of experience and simply the best Germany has to offer, we offer our clients these products and services.
From private pick up at the airport upon landing to exclusive hideaways in castles or exclusive hotels, whether classical or modern, we provide you with the best alternatives.

Weichlein Germany opened in Berlin

Weichlein is proud to be celebrating its 60th anniversary and opening a new office in Berlin

Weichlein are the ­first DMC established in Germany with 60 years of history and experience
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