4×4 Adventure Tour

4x4ksani4X4 adventure tour makes the off-road experience accessible and enjoyable for all kind of visitors to Georgia. Nestled between Turkey and Russia, with a turbulent history, and its own language and script, the country has been blessed with a variety of spectacular landscapes: high mountains and exiting passes, clean lakes and fast rivers, waterfalls, national parks, wildlife and fertile soil.
During this tour you will see a combination of different climates, vegetation, natural resources, a diversity of flora and fauna, and beautiful gorges and valleys. On the way, you will visit the historical monuments of Georgia, distinguished by their sophisticated and elegant architecture; some of them belong to world heritage.
The voyage will start in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and continues over the semi-desert slopes of Gareji area, well known for its 6th century monasteries of hermits; off road traversing over the stunning passes of the Lesser Caucasus will show you extraordinary scenery of Bronze Age fortification line in Trialety Valley, where the most important national treasuries have been found. Explore one of the pure natures of the beautiful gorges of the Caucasus – Ksani to the northeast and Dariali to the very north of Georgia, near the border of Russia.
Exploring and discovering the untouched nature in partnership with local communities, you will taste the national dishes and feel traditional Georgian hospitality.

Winding The Wine Way

georgiawine2For Georgians wine is a blessed liquid, not only because of Georgias Christian routes but from before. Georgians are proud of their ancient viniculture – that stretches back to the early Iron Age. One of the best red dry wines, Saperavi has been known from 3rd millennium BC!
Georgia is the country that invented wine. Concentrations of grape seeds were found in this region from the 5th millennium BC. Of the 2000 varieties of wine in the world today 500 are endemic to Georgia. Wine industry is flourishing again – producing over 100 kind of wine. Georgian families pride themselves on their own wines and the Georgian ‘tamada or toastmaster is famous up and down the Silk Road – as are the splendid and ancient polyphonic harmonies often heard at the Georgian table. Wine is still made in the traditional way by being fermented sometime for several years in a large jar (kvevri) buried up to their necks underground in traditional wine cellars (marani).
This Tour “Winding the Wine Way” shows famous wineries and vineyards, both traditional and modern. The wine rout leads wine favorites to Kakheti province – the main wine producing region of Georgia and Racha province the cradle of famous Khvanchkara grape. The program includes the wine testing, gives an opportunity to explore hospitality, traditions and the attitude of Georgians to the wine. Be aware of Georgian toasts that are numerous but the most important and popular are the toasts to the guests, friends, ladies, family members, relatives, mother land and house guard.

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The Highest Village in Europe

highestvillage2Explore the mountain region in the Northwest part of Georgia. Upper and Lower Svaneti present an exceptional landscape that has preserved to a remarkable degree its original medieval appearance, attracting travelers of all kind.

Tour starts with sightseeing of old Tbilisi, and continues to different historical provinces to Kartli, the ancient Iberian Kingdom; Imereti province a homeland of Kolkheti kingdom towards the famous Svaneti region, were the fleecy skins were used to gather the gold in the gold bearing rivers, described by old historians Strabo and Appian in the story about the Jason and Argonauts.
Upper Svaneti one of the isolated regions of the Great Caucasus is an exceptional example of mountain scenery with medieval-type villages and towers, were traditions, language, folk-songs and spirit are still preserved and respected. The village Ushguli, named Chazhashi by locals is famous as a museum village with 200 dwelling towers, often used as a defense fortification in the past. In this village you will feel yourself in the medieval period were time has stopped.
Among of the variety of the highlights, placed in this program, you will explore the places included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites: City Museum Reserve of Mtskheta, Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery and Upper Svaneti.
And finally explore the various traditional dishes and famous Georgian wine with open heart hospitality.