The legend of Pilsner Urquell

beerczeck2Every year, the Pilsner Urquell brewery attracts more than 250 000 visitors from all over the world, people who want to see the best the Czech Republic can offer. Plzen (Pilsen) is the place where golden lager beer was born in 1842, since when the whole beer world has been trying to imitate it. Beers bearing names such as “pils”, “pilsner” or “pilsener” number in the hundreds; however, the only original recognized worldwide is Pilsner Urquell.

In the Pilsner Urquell Beer World you will discover the secret of this original  beer and will become acquainted with the renowned Czech art – that of brewing good beer. You  will become familiar with the history of brewing – from the earliest times to the nowadays.

Rafting on River Vltava in Prague

raftingAfter clients arrive to the site, they are officially welcome and safety rules are explained to them.   Instructors are providing the short instructions how to control the rafts.

Participants need their own bathing suits.  Other equipment will be provided by the staff; wetsuit, boots, helmets, safety vests etc.
The event takes place at the slalom track on the river Vltava in Prague. Length of the slalom canal is approximately 400 meters.
The difficulty level is WW 3-4 and average flow rate is 60sq.m per second. Rafts capacity is 4 thru 6 persons plus professional instructor.
After the event is over, there is the official winner announcement.

James Bond – Mission Impossible in Prague

prague_jamesbond2The spy hunt starts in the morning or after the lunch. Commander of Prague department of MI6 / CIA appears with the introduction speech together with the local agents. Than we divide whole group into small spy units.

Every team gets spy box with digital camera, UV lights, GPS navigator, binocular and own local English speaking agent. During the mission the unit meet with assassins wearing the red ties to make their mission impossible!!
The team should locate hidden envelopes, blind maps, have to translate secret words, find out computer expert or even deactivate the bomb. The route of the spy hunt is through the city centre of Prague – Lesser Town, Charles Bridge and Old Town Square