New Year’s Brazil Adventures

Aniyami suggests an unmissable adventure itinerary for your clients who have not yet decided where to spend the last night of 2017.

It is a 14 day experience that includes:

Private Boat Adventure on the Amazon (New year’s Eve):
What about proposing to your travelers to spend the New Year’s Eve lost in the jungle? The best way to explore this lush region is an excursion by private boat that will guide them through an intimate journey into the endless Amazon rainforest where they will hike, go night watching for alligators, take a swim with the pink dolphins, among other activities. And of course, a dinner prepared especially to close the year in a way that they will never forget.

Gastronomic and natural History Adventure on the Cacao Coast:
After the jungle we go to the wide beaches of the Cacao Coast in Bahia, to start the year tasting different flavors of local food and learning about the history of cocoa that is the thread of the region’s history. We will discover why cocoa is called the “fruit of the gods”, and we will try the best varieties of chocolate after learning about its manufacturing processes.

Off the Beaten Track Adventure in Rio de Janeiro:
We will finish our beginning of 2018 visiting the iconic Rio de Janeiro, but in an unconventional way to appreciate not only its most classic monuments, but also the daily life of its inhabitants. We’ll venture through its streets, entering the bars and pubs frequented by locals and for some moments we will feel what it feels like to live in this famous city.

Remember that in addition to this trip, we can make other proposals that fit the profile and dates of your most adventurous clients.


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Discover the new Specialist-led trips!

Two years ago Aniyami started working on four Specialist-led trips which we launched last year and will continue offering to you every year on specific dates. They are true immersions on different subjects and areas of Brazil, and we are sure your special interest clients will be surprised and amazed by our proposals; Cultural and Wildlife Photography, Social Immersion and Indigenous Immersion.
Each one of them was created by an expert on the region and topic together with Aniyami, in order to provide an incredible experience of true contact with places visited, their inhabitants, geography and basically their essence.

Specialist-led immersion into the indigenous communities of Mato Grosso and wildlife experience in the Pantanal
By Benedito Freiras • 29/11/2018 – 08/12/2018

The enormous state of Mato Grosso is the third largest in Brazil, and within it lie some of the country’s most extraordinary natural reserves; as well as a string of dazzling national parks. One of these is the Xingu Indigenous Park, where native groups are protected and given the absolute right to conserve their traditions, culture and livelihoods. As well as the many different indigenous communities who call this state home – as they have done for hundreds of years – so too do a beguiling variety of flora and fauna that thrive in this preserved wonderland. Relish the natural gems of Mato Grosso to get acquainted with all of this, and come face to face with Brazil at its most raw and pure.

Specialist-led immersion into the Social and Environmental Projects of Bahia
By Eva Arbat • 31/07/2018 – 12/08/2018

Tourism entails so much more than simply visiting a place unlike our home; it elevates us to experience different cultures, customs and communities. Not only has it become a hugely important economic source for Brazil, it has also allowed its people to benefit from this mutual exchange. A journey to Brazil means that we can get to know, and live out, the different initiatives that seek to build bridges: between the economic profit that tourism brings, and the sociocultural and environmental transformation of the host areas. This is why we want to promote a sort of tourism that goes beyond social and environmental responsibility; to awaken minds to new ways of being, doing and living, with the utmost respect for people and nature.

Specialist-led photography tour of the Pantanal
By Kike Calvo • 18/11/2018 – 29/11/2018

This safari adventure combines two passions – wildlife and photography – to offer a truly unmatched tour into the untouched Pantanal wetlands. Discover the world’s largest flooded plains where an astonishing array of flora and fauna flourish, and capture it all on camera with the guidance of our expert photographer, Kike Calvo, who knows the Pantanal inside out; not to mention how to take the best images of it! The chance to feel an emotional connection with this watery wilderness can only be enhanced by learning how to experience it from all sorts of perspectives. Best of all? Taking home incredible images to match your memories.


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Aniyami Brazil is certified as B Corporation

B Corp is a global movement of more than 2,000 companies in 50 countries and 130 sectors working together with one common goal: redefining the meaning of SUCCESS in business.

B Corporations go beyond the goal of generating economic profits while innovating to maximize their positive impact on employees, the communities and the environment. This way, the company becomes a regenerative force for society and for the planet.

This movement represents a fast-growing business community worldwide, from which Aniyami recently got certified and joined with the aim of contributing with its knowledge in the area of sustainable tourism.

In Aniyami we have been working from the beginning with the conviction that success is measured through the positive impact that we can generate around us; and we have based on this premise when it comes to creating and offering our trips, as well as establishing internal and external relationships.

Now is the beginning of a new stage in which Aniyami enters the process of measuring this impact with clearer parameters. This will bring benefits to all including your customers, to whom we will offer more respectful and higher quality experiences in different destinations. Also our team will be more involved actively with social projects in Brazil and we will be able to transmit that proximity to the country’s communities and the environment through our travel proposals.

We are very happy to have found a community to share this ideology and from which we can continue to learn, nourishing ourselves with experiences and ideas that seek to increase the number of companies with social and environmental commitment in the world we inhabit.


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2018 program : All Brazil with fixed departures

Guaranteed Departure with 2 pax  /  International Groups

International departures guided in English: MAR 03 – JUN 16 – JUL 28 – AUG 04 – SEP 22 – DEC 08 – JAN 05/2019 – FEB 09/2019

.  Itinerary : Rio de Janeiro – Foz do Iguazu – Manaus – Amazon – Salvador
.  Duration : 13 days
.  Accommodation : 4* hotels program with optional Upgrade in Hotel Category

Per person in DBL room in a group from 2 to 14 people: 2.850 USD
Sgl Suppl.  (per person in a group from 2 to 14 people): 995 USD

Prices commissioned in 30%:

Airport In : GIG/SDU
Airport Out :  SSA
Download full programme :    All Brazil 2018



Gastronomic Events in Historic Buildings

historic1Your customers will enjoy fine gastronomy in colonial and imperial architecture buildings

Imagine your clients having their gala dinner in a historic landmark in some of Brazil’s main cities. We organize all kinds of gastronomic events in spaces with the country’s imperial or colonial architecture, or even the most recent modern period, altogether with spectacular gardens. Now imagine you can make it happen.
We always manage the gastronomic offer of your projects wisely, combining traditional cuisine with attractive locations for their environment, always in accordance with the standards of the event. But we reccommend that some meals are taken in a distinctive place for its history, with the aim that the participant feels that it is a perfect trip, and at the same time original.

Aniyami DMC opens a new office in Rio De Janeiro

Trio-branchhe whole Aniyami DMC team  (Brazil)  is happy to announce a new Aniyami headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.   Pere Marti will be in charge of this office.   Proximity and location aims to bring better opportunities to offer  high quality products and services.  Welcome Pere to Brazil, welcome to the “Marvelous City”!



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From rail to road…

rail1Discovering Serra Verde on Train & on Bike

Another of our new routes that will leave you with great desire to take it, or at least offer it to your travelers, is a 5 day trip that goes through the Atlantic Rainforest beginning in Curitiba, passing through Morretes and ends in Ilha do Mel. Here, travelers will do bike tours discovering the best coffee shops in Curitiba, then dazzle with the mountainous landscape of the Serra Verde traveling by train to Morretes, ending on the island with some of the best beaches in Brazil. Designed by Aniyami for families, adventurers or all kinds of travelers, you can learn more about this itinerary by requesting it at so you can share it with your community and see who feels motivated!

Nature and adventure tourism grow in Brazil

natureIn recent years has increased the number of foreigners visiting Brazil to witness its natural beauties and take part in adventure activities. According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil, this growth from 12.8% in 2015 to 15.7% in 2015 continues to strengthen the country as a favorite destination for travelers. Besides, according to the ICMBio the visits to conservation areas have also increased significantly, and regarding adventure tourism Brazil has been reinforced as a point of reference. As explained by EMBRATUR, with its geographical variety and a collaboration between the public and private sectors, the country has an infinite product to be used in a sustainable way and benefiting local communities


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New Year celebration in Rio Copacabana

Rio de JaneiroOn the tourism area we never stop, for it is very easy to find reasons to travel. The next excuse to encourage our travelers is celebrating New Year.

The time is now to plan the trip in December and Aniyami offers a once in a lifetime experience for your best clients, the kind you live and never forget.

In Rio de Janeiro Copacabana, everybody wears white and goes out to meet the sea, to let the past go and receive what is coming. Besides, your most demanding travelers will enjoy a luxury program, where they’ll get to learn the best and most characteristic of carioca life and be enchanted by the “wonderful city” in the 2017 New Year’s party! Request complete information at

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Olympic medalist travels with Aniyami

The Olympics have ended with great success, good news, lots of medals and no negative news on zika or anything special. This left us very happy, but we’re even happier to have had the privilege of attending the Danish Olympic medalist Anne-Marie Rindom; after winning the bronze medal in sailing, she took a nice holiday trip traveling with Aniyami in Foz do Iguacu, then Pantanal and Bonito. Here she is very happy with our shirt enjoying the spectacular Nascente Azul in Bonito, sending a cute smile for everyone.

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