Why Cape Verde

Dunas-do-Morrinho_galleryfullThese “ten little beans of sand” that are seen approximate until we fasten in each one of them, to the point of noticing that there are still some islanders besides the 10 islands that compose the archipelago of Cape Verde, are imposing as a new and attractive tourist destiny, as the colours, with that we decided to paint each one of them in our opening map, suggest.

With the green-hope of the vegetation, scanty but precious, of the agricultural fields, of the scattered fruit bowls, of the rare forests of the summits;
With the blue-nacreous of our sea, transparent, lukewarm and homelike;
With rose of our youth, cheerful, uninhibitive and dreamer as the bougainvilleas that decorate the façades of the houses, on the door and the two windows;

Cape Verde is all this.

Behind a fleeting bitterness that fast forgets,
Sip the quiet juice of the soft living of the people,
Hunt the fulgurate brilliance of surprising oasis spots,
Remove in the sea the temperature of a silky, emerald and refreshing water,
Slide to the light wind on flat water,
Challenge fish around, in a fight of forces almost equal,
Glide in summits of panoramic and inebriant reach,
Dive in the fertile riversides of flowery cane and waterfall streams,
Navigate in the “sabura“ of the conviviality of the nights wrapped by the “morna” or shaken by the “funaná” or the “coladeira”,

Here are some of the ingredients that in Morabitur,
In inoculated doses flowing of your holidays,
We built a palette of choices that, for sure,
Will allow you
To own to the rhythm of the programs, circuits, trips and activities
That we propose you and you can find discarding our islands one by one,
Of the charms, latent or hidden, that Cape Verde contains.

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