Bhutan Spiritual Tour

Bhutan or the “Land of the Peaceful Dragon” is a country of sprawling forests, venerated monasteries, overpowering fortresses; lush green valley’s fed by bountiful rivers and age-old practices. Cultivated fields surrounded by pitched roof houses with their typical trefoil-shape windows and Dzongs (fortresses) dominate the scenery with their sheer size. Its people are hardworking, vibrantly attired and deeply religious while the land is immaculate. Bhutan’s alpine pastures, peaks, forests, lakes and flowers make it a paradise. Maybe that is why the rare black-necked crane makes its way across the Himalayas to Bhutan every year.
Our spiritual tour to Bhutan also involves a little bit of adventure as we get to hike up to the Tango and Cheri Monasteries that take about an hour and a half. On reaching our destination you will instantly sense the vibrant spiritual energy of the monastery. Here you get to interact with the local monks who will bestow blessing upon you.


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